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 This book aims to shows you how to become a person loved and empowered by God like David, Judith, and many others. Enjoy God now and forever is the central message in this piece. It calls upon all God's children to tap into our destiny as the children of the light and inherit the earth while we live, and heaven at the end of our lives. It calls us to know the why, how, and what we need to do to ensure we enjoy God now and forever. Therefore, if you seek empowerment to understand what God requires of you to make it to heaven, this book is written for you. If you yearn to enjoy an intimate relationship with God within your daily concerns, this book is for you. If you desire to hear and know when God speaks to you, this book is for you. It represents many thousands of hours spent in prayers, meditations, and inspirations received from regular daily living aware of the ever presence of God in our lives and the world. It uses true-life stories, encounters with God, and insights that can easily be missed by uninitiated in the act of hearing God speak and direct our lives as we go about daily. It challenges us to think through our Christian faith, and thus empowers us to achieve our purpose as Christians.